Cold Starters

Taramasalata Cured Fish Roe, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice £3.50
Potato Salad Olive Oil, Parsley, Lemon Juice £3.95
Beetroot Salad £3.95
Giant Baked Beans (Gigantes) £3.95
Tahini £3.50
Tzatziki, Cucumber, Yoghurt, Garlic £3.50
Seafood Salad £5.50
Houmous Chick Peas Puree £3.50

Hot Starters

Bastourma Spicy Beef Greek Sausage £4.95
Loukanika Pork Sausage Marinated Wine & Corriander £4.95
Halloumi Traditional Greek Cheese £4.95
Halloumi Fries £4.95
Lounza Pork Loin Chargrilled £4.95
Chargrilled Garlic King Prawns £7.95
Seasoned & Deep Fried Calamari £5.95
Meatballs Pork Mince Parsley & Onion £4.95
Spinach & Feta Parcels £4.50
Garlic Mushroom Chargrilled with Olive Oil £5.95
Deep Fried Crab Claws £5.50
Dolmades Stuffed Vine Leaves £4.95


Chargrilled XL Pork CHop (CY Style) With Garlic Mushroom £17.95
Dolmades Stuffed Vine Leaves £13.95
Chargrilled XL Pork Chop CY Style £17.95
Meatballs X8 Pork Mince With Onion & Parsley £12.45
Shaftalia X6 Pork Mince Wraped In Lining Chargrilled On The BBQ £14.95
Chicken Souvla Slow Cooked Chicken On The Spit £13.95
Seasoned Deep Fried Calamari £14.95
Chargrilled Seabass Fillet £17.95
Chargrilled Garlic King Prawns £17.95
Macaroni Pastitsio Slow Cooked Macaroni In The Oven £12.95
Stifado Slow Cooked Beef Stew CY Style £16.95
Meat Or Veg Mousakka £12.95
Kleftiko Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder In The Oven £17.95

* All Mains Served With A Choice Of Bourgouri, Rice & Chips

Side Dishes

Cyprus Cut Potato Chips £3.95
Seasoned Rice £3.50
Bourgouri Cracked Wheat Cooked In A Rich Tomato Sauce £3.50
Salad With Feta Cheese £4.95
Potatoes £4.50


Pork Large £8.95 XL £11.95
Lamb Large £10.50 XL £13.95
Chicken Large £8.95 XL £11.95
Mixed Sheftalia Large £12.50 XL £13.95
Sheftalia Large £11.50 XL £13.50
TOG Special Mix XL £14.95

Gracian Gyros

All Gyros Served In A Grecian Pitta With Tzatziki Salad & Fries

Pork Regular £6.50 Large £7.95
Chicken Regular £6.50 Large £7.95
Mix Regular £7.50 Large £8.95
Vegan Regular £7.50 Large £8.95


All Wraps Served In A Grecian Pitta With Tzatziki Salad & Fries

Halloumi Wrap £6.50
Mix Veg Wrap £6.50
Pork Souvlaki Wrap £6.50
Chicken Souvlaki Wrap £6.50
Lamb Souvlaki Wrap £6.50
Lamb Stick Filled With Soft Cheese £6.50

Sharing Meals

Mixed Grill For Two £39.99
2X Chicken Skewers 2X Pork Skewer 2X Sheftalia 2X Lamb Cutlets
2X Halloumi Or Mushroom Rice, Salad & Dips
Mixed Grill For Four £69.99
4X Chicken Skewers 4X Pork Skewer 4X Sheftalia 4X Lamb Cutlets
4X Halloumi Or Mushroom Rice, Salad & Dips

Kids Corner

Chicken Nuggets, Fishfingers, or Scampi

Served With Chips & A Drink - £5.95


Meals Are Served With Chips & Small Salad

Chicken Gyro Meal £12.95
Pork Gyro Meal £12.95
Mixed Gyro Meal £13.95
Mixed Grill For One £15.95

* All Dishes Served With Rice Or Pourgouri Or Hand Cut Cyprus Potatoes *

* Pleae advice a member of any food alergies *